Motherhood:: It’s a Process

Much as a baby is born physically,

a mother is born psychologically.

∼Daniel N. Stern, child development psychologist


The above quote by Dr. Stern implies that Motherhood is a process; it is not a singular, immediate and definitive event. 

Please read this again. It is important.

Pregnancy is the preparation phase for becoming Mother and childbirth is the central moment that launches a woman into Motherhood. The learning and growth that occurs in the raising, caring, and parenting of a child occurs in relationship between mom and baby and helps to form the life-long relationship that is the essence of being a Mother. 

If your experience has been the birth of a stillborn, you became a Mother.

If your experience has been a miscarriage, you began the process in the moment you found out you were pregnant.

Being a Mom is a hard job. Please be gentle with yourself. Rest when you can. Eat well. Reach out for support from your partner and other moms. Seek professional help if you are having difficulty navigating the profound, life-altering shift of becoming Mother.

Maternal Mental Health Matters Because Moms Matter




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