Susan Marchioni, LMHC, PMH-C

Massachusetts Perinatal Mental Health Counselor


A little about me........

I'm the mother of three  incredibly talented, inquisitive, hardworking adult children (no pride here!) who live far and wide and are living their best lives. I'm Gigi to two adorable, curious little granddaugters who light up my grandmotherly heart. I'm a student of life, curious always. I adore chocolate, my morning coffee, nature, the sea, pickleball,  walks, travel with my husband, time with family and friends. Smelly gyms. Libraries.

I'm a twice survivor of postpartum depression.

As a Massachusetts licensed psychotherapist  certified in perinatal mental health, I treat women with pregnancy and postpartum-related anxiety and depression.

I believe that asking for help takes immense courage. I 'm privileged to support the emotional health and well-being of women as they embark on and navigate their pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and their adjustment to motherhood. It is one of my greatest honors to hold the sacred space of an excited, and slightly apprehensive expectant woman or a tender, uncertain new mom as she expresses her fears and her sadness, her vulnerabilities; shares her expectations, hopes and dreams, recounts her pregnancy journey, sometimes including multiple infant losses and rounds of IVF; shares her birth story;  what she values as a mother and what it means to her to be a "good mom". It is my profound pleasure to bear witness to women as they heal and grow in confidence in their motherhood and emerge as a more empowered version of her self.

Inherent to the journey of motherhood is grief/loss. I support women through infant loss, loss of identity, loss of expectations, loss of the way life was before baby while adjusting to what life is now.

I draw upon several theoretical frameworks in my work with clients.  I use various assessments to determine severity of symptoms. We look at both family and client histories of mood symptoms; do hormonal shifts play a role. I use cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients increase awareness of how thoughts affect their behaviors and mood and how to shift away from negative thought patterns. We explore values and belief systems and how they may affect early motherhood. How do society and clulture play a role? I use relaxation techniques and teach coping skills. We look at how grief and loss may play a roll while navigating the perinatal period. Partners are encouraged to attend a session to share their version of pregnancy and birth as well as to prepare a plan for when baby comes home. And if necessary, I will provide a referral for a medication evaluation.

I’ve earned certifications and completed specialized trainings in the diagnosis and treatment of perinatal mental health disorders, paternal perinatal mental health, birth trauma, and complicated grief. I continue to develop both as a clinician and personally through attending relevant professional development seminars, workshops, and conferences.

  • Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • Certified Perinatal Mental Health Counselor; Postpartum Support International
  • Ethical Considerations with the Perinatal Population - Certificate of Completion; Felicia Hurst, M.S., LPC Supervisor, PMH-C; Nurturing Mamas Network
  • Trauma Treatment and Complex Diagnosis - Certificate of Completion; MaMHCA
  • Board Certified Telehealth Professional; Telebehavioral Health Institute
  • Certificate of Completion in The Art of Holding Perinatal Women in Distress; The Postpartum Stress Center
  • Maternal Mental Health Professional Certificate Training. Training provided by Postpartum Support International and 2020 Mom Project
  • Complicated grief-informed counselor. Training completed at The Center for Complicated Grief, Columbia University, New York, NY
  • MA in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA
Supporting Moms Across Massachusetts with Postpartum Anxiety & Depression.
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