Perinatal** Mood and Anxiety Disorders

**Perinatal refers to the time of pregnancy through 2 years postpartum**

Anxiety and Depression during Pregnancy

Postpartum Anxiety/Panic/OCD

Postpartum Depression/Bipolar Depression


Postpartum Psychosis

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Birth Trauma

Adjustment to Motherhood

Treatment for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety can involve:

• assessing severity of anxiety and depressive symptoms;

• processing a mom’s labor and childbirth experience;

• affirming her fears and worries while giving her the space to be heard and validated;

• identifying and/or building a positive support system;

• supporting the mother/baby relationship;

• identifying and changing negative patterns of thoughts and behaviors;

• discovering a mom’s values and beliefs around Motherhood and parenting;

• discussing the role our mothers play in our own mothering;

• processing unresolved loss and grief;

• discussing a referral for a medication evaluation, if necessary.

Treatment is integrative and rooted in psychodynamic, holistic, and grief principles. It is highly individualized and builds on client strengths and self-efficacy while developing a deeper sense of self and purpose. Treatment focus becomes acceptance, adaptation, and integration of this new aspect of self (mother) while learning how to move forward with reflection, confidence, and grace. This adaptation process happens continually across the lifespan for moms. Treatment modalities can include psychotherapy, assessment of risk factors and symptoms, partner sessions, CBT, postpartum planning for when mom and baby return home, relaxation techniques, coping skills, grief work, and if needed, a referral for medication evaluation. If other referrals are needed or requested, I will help clients with that process.

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