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Motherhood is full. Sometimes it is full of wonder and sometimes it’s full of worry, uncertainty, and chaos.

It can be lonely, exhausting, and challenging.

It can also be beautiful, magical, and full of joy.

It also changes you.

This is the dichotomy of motherhood, this intricate balance between expectations, powerful emotions, responsibilities,

self-awareness, and identity.

For 1 in 5* women, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum increases the mood disturbances of anxiety and depression; hormonal shifts, intense emotions and mood swings that emerge or intensify during the perinatal period (pregnancy through 2 years postartum) can create a less than blissful and joyful postpartum experience. Fertility challenges, infant loss due to miscarriage, choice to terminate, or stillbirth, a traumatic birth, partner’s mental health, and the struggle to navigate matrescence - the profound mind/body/spirit transition to motherhood - can further exacerbate and intensify the mood symptoms during this time.

Beginning in pregnancy, a woman begins a profound personal journey. Pregnancy begins the emotional process, childbirth marks the physical process; when a woman becomes mother.  This ‘new’ version then becomes the lens through which she experiences, responds, and meets the many challenges of motherhood and life.

The mood disturbances of pregnancy and postpartum can be treated. You are where you belong and I can help.

* American Psychological Association

Has your pregnancy, childbirth and the adjustment to motherhood been more challenging than you anticipated?

Are you feeling more fear, anxiety and sadness instead?

Does it seem as if the baby blues just won’t go away?

If so, you are not alone.

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