fairy-godmotherDressed in the costume of Disney’s Fairy Godmother, I attended my first Halloween Stroll on Saturday, October 29th, in East Milton Square. It was a terrific way to get out in the community and meet families and children. Costumes were endlessly creative and adorable! Young and old alike were costumed as ghosts, fairies, firemen, SWAT team members, witches, characters from popular movies and books, skeletons, sports figures and more!

Parents, I wanted to share with you how well behaved and courteous your children were. Kudos to your efforts to teach manners. It shows!!

And to all of the moms to whom I was able to give a bar of my dark chocolate mom candy! It gave me such pleasure to see the look of surprise on some of your faces and then delight as you were acknowledged and celebrated for being a mom! I appreciated the hugs and the one kiss I received from moms who were truly touched by being recognized.

Moms, your job is the most difficult and the most important job there is and it’s 24/7, nonstop. What you do on a day-to-day basis is valuable and integral to the healthy development of your children and your families. My wish for you today and every day is to remember your value because moms matter!



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